I’m going to visit my friends for the weekend!

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Now I’m a full time pre k teacher for the rest of the school year! I even get paid for my days off for spring break!

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I just realized that since I have finished watching Breaking Bad, I can catch up on all the memes and Buzzfeed articles!! Woo!!

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I got a 96% on my first final! I will get an A- in the class!

I got a 25/25 on my second final! It was a quiz. I’ll probably get an A- in this class too!

Now I just have to finish my Philosophy paper, which is almost done but I’m starting to confuse myself. I got an A- on both the other papers and I participate well, so I should be ok no matter if this paper isn’t as good as those ones.

I still have to study for Geology. I haven’t even started and the final is tomorrow at 9am. He doesn’t grade us on anything really, except two tests we had, so I have no idea how I’m doing in the class but maybe I’ll get some kind of B? Unless I do really bad on the final. But no worries, I will study hard, now that I’m all excited about my other classes!!

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I happen to know

that today is Zac Efron’s birthday. And I didn’t even have to look it up, I just have it committed to memory for some reason…

On another note, if you didn’t know yet, MY birthday is in 6 dayyyyysssss!! Woooo!

I’m excited.

And we all like Zac, so Happy Birthday to him!

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I kinda wanted to be asleep soon, but as usual, I haven’t really even studied yet… But no worries, I will still get a good night’s sleep because this shall be an easy test!!

I ain’t worried, I will get still get an A in the class I think. And then finals wil be over!! YAY!

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Posted 1 year ago

I love puns and koalas make them even better!

I love puns and koalas make them even better!

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