All month I’ve been thinking

"Oh, I really should start registering for the GRE and thinking about what Grad School I want to go to…" and "Oops, I still haven’t registered for the GRE, I hope it’s not to late" and "I really should do something about this GRE thing, there is supposedly a deadline" and "Oh well, I will do it soon…Oh maybe tomorrow…Oh ya, that thing I’m supposed to do, I really should do it…" but I have not done it yet.

Then I started thinking “What if I don’t register on time, and then I don’t make the deadlines for schools and stuff, and then I can’t even conisder applying for next fall, so then I’ll just have to take a year off…would that be the worst thing?”

And I decided I actually would rather take a year off, because that way, I can study more for the GRE and focus on what schools I want to apply to, without having to do it all while I’m in the busiest semester of my college career.

And I thought, that sounds like a good plan, but it also feels like I’m only saying that because I’m lazy and don’t want to do GRE and grad school stuff right now. But then I called my mom to talk about the finale of Big Brother, and then I told her how I did well on my psych tests and that I’m in Clinical Psych class, and then I asked her if I need to sign up for the GRE soon, don’t I, cuz there is a deadline? and she said “Oh.” and I said “hehe what?” and she said that there is probably still time, and I said, but what if there isn’t? and she said “Well what you could do, and it might be a good idea, is take a year off and…..” and I said “hehehe that’s actually exactly what I was thinking I should do!” so I probably will do that.

Anyways, that’s my life right now, academically speaking. I hope it made sense, since I wrote it in my usual rambly way.

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